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Welcome to Allergex, Melbourne's leading Roof Cavity Cleaning and Insulation Removal Company.
Welcome to the Allergex website. With over 25 years of cleaning experience we are one of Australia's most professional cleaning services. With in excess of 1,700 customers, our company has been in business for as long as the industry has been around.
Allergex is Melbourne's leading dust and allergen abatement specialist, specialising in both roof cavity cleaning and insulation removal and replacement. Utilising high powered truck mounted equipment, we vacuum out old insulation, dust, rats nests, left over building debris, etc. We are fully insured and experts at what we do. After safely and efficiently cleaning your roof space, we can supply and install quality Fibreglass or Polyester insulation batts in the cleaned space as well as underfloor insulation Our professional team operates in Melbourne and rural Victoria. We utilise 'state of the art' truck mounted extraction machines powered by 30 HP engines, not small portable vacuum cleaners like many of our competitors.

1. Roof cavity cleaning

Question. Why clean your roof cavity?
1. Over the years large amounts of dust collect in your roof space. Often containing lead, the dust can seep into your living space creating havoc with any inhabitants who have allergies.
2. Insulation has a 'shelf life' and will break down over an extended period of time and will require replacement. Roof cavity cleaning removes the old insulation and from there either Allergex or another contractor can install new insulation.
3. Rats and mice can often inhabit your roof space and their nests and droppings should be removed from the roof cavity. Roof cavity cleaning removes all nests, carcasses and animal droppings during the cleaning process.